Open Source Bitcoin SV Transaction Storage and Indexing System for Developers.
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TL;DR: Sending transactions is now "fire and forget". TXQ is a concurrent work queue that synchronizes transaction status with miners automatically — so you, the developer, don't have to. TXQ gives you full control over your Bitcoin transactions and data. Out-of-the-box you have your own TX and UTXO indexer for addresses, scripthash, outpoints and spend indexes. Transaction processors (miners) now can focus on building and time-stamping blocks and leave it to apps to backup and own their own transaction data. Get Started at



In order for Bitcoin SV apps to scale efficiently as traditional web services, apps must communicate directly with each other where possible and not rely on extra intermediaries.

Not all Bitcoin miners or transaction processors will maintain a full transaction index for public consumption. Some will instead opt to run so called "transaction pruning" nodes and instead specialize in other ways than offering data storage and indexing services.

TXQ decouples your Bitcoin application state management from miners and other Bitcoin service providers.

It's easy and extremely cost effective for services to simply index their own Bitcoin transactions and have the "single source of truth" be ready at hand and according to their backup needs.

TXQ makes it easy for developers to keep their entire application transaction history in their direct control or even on premise.At the same time, transaction sending is now "fire and forget" and synchronization with miners happens automatically via the Merchant API.

Design Overview

Why use TXQ?

Up until now, Bitcoin SV "apps" relied on miners and blockchain cloud hosting services to get UTXO and transaction data. TXQ means app developers do not need to rely on 3rd parties for UTXO and transaction data — as long as all transactions of interest are saved to TXQ first. That's it.

In order for Bitcoin SV applications to be able to scale as efficiently as traditional web services, the applications must be able to interoperate peer-to-peer and not rely on extra intermediaries.

To scale, Bitcoin applications must act more like peers and use the rawtx format as the application data medium of exchange.  Each service provider will maintain a copy of the rawtx for all transactions in traditional storage and backed up to their policy.

TXQ abstracts the transaction settlement process with miners so developers focus on building and integrating your applications.


Single Source of Truth

Provide your application and services with a consistent picture of it's  own "Bitcoin State" without relying on 3rd parties for lookups and indexing.

Automatically Sync with Miners (Merchant API)

Reliably broadcast transactions to a set of miners to get them reliably settled. Queue configuration options allow customizing the concurrency limit, exponential back off, and other behaviors.

All Merchant API requests are logged to the database and also streamed in real-time to the SSE event interface.

Self-Managed UTXO and Transaction Indexing

TXQ automatically stores and indexes UTXOs and transactions without relying on miners and cloud providers.Your businness always has transaction history and UTXOs ready-at-hand and can easily scale with no miner or vendor lock-in.

Publish and Subscribe Server Sent Events (SSE) (Coming soon!)

Easily connect TXQ with your other services via SSE sockets for subscribing to new transactions and events in real-time.

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